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Latch Outlook

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Foggy Day in New Orleans (Streetcar Tracks)

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Experimental Distillation Column

Experimental organic-style distillation column segment made of copper. A wooden form was made for half of the column; and two column halves were hammer-formed out of copper sheets. The two halves were joined together by soldering and rolled seams.

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The Fractal Nature of Everything

Looking at things we didn’t see, imagining things we can’t see: those things that are intermediated, whether it’s the microscope, the copy machine, the fax, the scanner, the digital camera; and so many other means of reproduction in the current … Continue reading

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Game Playing Posing As Art? The Case of Regional Writing

The following was written originally as a response to “Unrelenting analysis” continues to grip art world on Two Coats of Paint. But alas, being over 4096 characters, my comment was too long to be posted, so I have revised and … Continue reading

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