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Archeology of a Floppy Disk

These ancient rubbings, circa 1990, show a primitive means of data storage used in the prior millennium. According to recollections passed down through the years, these disks were once ubiquitous; the means of transport for data in the late 1980s … Continue reading

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Why does Twitter Following and Search break so easily?

A simple test. Create two twitter accounts, A & B. Set A to follow B; B to follow A. Follow a bunch of other users on both accounts to simulate typical account activity. Now start tweeting. Do all of A’s … Continue reading

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What’s Old is New Again: Google’s Chrome OS

The NY Times tells us that In Google’s vision of a world where all computers run on its Chrome OS, anyone can walk up to any computer with an Internet connection and gain access to all their information. The thin … Continue reading

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